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40 Dollars To Waste… At a Restaurant You’ve Never Heard Of

Being a merchant, I can’t even begin to tell you the bombarding phone calls I receive from those “daily deal” sites like Living Social, Groupon, Tuango etc. on a weekly basis.  At first glance to the customer it seems like a great deal, you are saving 50-80% off a restaurant, spa treatment, or activity, but the question is would you have spent that money if it wasn’t discounted? I am still unsure how I feel about them.

Personally, I’ve bought a couple, and they allow for great exposure for the merchant. I’ve done many with swUrl and some went really well, and some not so much. People buy these coupons, use them and never come back, not to mention we make little to zero profit. I have gotten some great customers who never heard about us and now come all the time, so it really is a toss up; nevertheless lets get back to you the consumer.

I find a lot of the deals are more attractive to working women, and have left the entire male market untapped.  Guys are buying online, more than ever so why do none of the sites ever target males directly. What about a haircut at a male salon, or a sports massage, gym memberships, sporting stores; you get the idea. Is it back to the whole “women make the household purchases/decisions” because that’s just B.S. Time will tell as to when this fad will burst, until then let those early morning e-mails flood thy inbox.

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