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10 Things To Do When You’re Bored

I'm Bored

Let’s face it, work gets pretty lame. School work, studying, office work, part-time burger flipping work, all of it. It gets really, really boring. So here’s a list of sites you can visit (other than this one, of course!) when you get bored.

Please keep in mind, this list is in no particular order…

Drew Curtis’

A collection of random stories and links from around the globe – many great videos, too!


A great collection of funny (and pathetic) failures. Mostly images and videos, it’s got some really funny stuff sometimes!

Original Mario


Play 8-Bit Nintendo games online – no download necessary, play right in your browser! All the classics are there!!


Collection of “short stories” about embarrassing and crappy real-life episodes. Some quality stuff!

Texts From Last Night

Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night? Well, it’s up here…


A blog covering everything from tech to funny emails, to automotive stories. Great collection of random posts that interest most.

eBaum’s World

Funny videos and photos, Flash games, jokes, stories, and more to keep you in stitches! Well, sometimes…

digg it


A social bookmarking site that lets you see what people “dig” online. Covers pretty much any topic you can imagine!


Believe it or not, this site isn’t only good for term papers and projects… Wikipedia is a lot of fun when you’re bored – you’d be surprised who and what you’ll find on there!

Google News

In my opinion, the best news site out there. It has every section of a newspaper, and takes from the best sources available.

Of course, if you’re supposed to be studying, then none of these will help you too much… If you have any suggestions to add to this list, shoot them my way! There are tons of other great sites out there – some not so “appropriate” but still fantastic. No, I’m not talking about porn, you sick minded individuals – just some sites have risky content, that’s all…

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