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Roof Top Bars

We spend all winter trying to fight nature, but in summer we look for the utmost ways to embrace it. Parks become full of sunbathers, bikers, and joggers, and people clamor to get seats at outdoor terraces. We even look to experience the Great Outdoors in nightlife, which brings us to the urban version of a beer in a tent in the woods: Rooftop bars.

Heat rises, and so do trendy drinkers in city centers around the world. Known for extraordinary views that are often paired with exorbitantly priced drinks, rooftop bars are often not like your usual watering hole, but are perfect for special occasions, dates, or for those hoping to get someone else to buy them drinks.

Hotels often boast bars on their roof, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York stepped up the game by combining views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline with avant-garde art. On Fridays and Saturdays this summer, visitors can sip martinis on the roof of the museum, alongside the giant, ever-growing bamboo sculpture created by Doug and Mike Starn for their Big Bambu exhibit. Those who haven’t had too many drinks can even climb the structure.

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