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I’ve been wanting to write here for a while, but I kept on postponing, finding excuses, and mostly delaying it as much as possible….procrastination!

I noticed myself procrastinating more when I think I have more time. Whenever I’m busy and on the go I’m much more efficient and fast in doing all the tasks than when I have more time off. If I’m busy I know that if I don’t do that task at that moment I won’t have any other moment to do it; on the other hand, when my schedule is not fully booked I tend to postpone doing some tasks, thinking that I will have time to do it next day or next week…

The main reason for procrastination is fear, whether it’s fear of rejection or even fear of success. Especially for new tasks or actions, when we don’t know what to expect, the anxiety is that much higher. In my case, I was afraid that my articles would be too boring or too blunt, too long or too short…etc. The more I delayed, the more stressed and guilty I would feel. Finally I got my motivation from the guilt and the good old saying “there is nothing to lose if you do it”.

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