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Words Katalysed

Spoken word artist, lyrical performer, griot, storyteller, wordsmith, poet Though all have been used to describe the lady Katalyst, they each fall short in the attempt to pin down her style. Deftly slipping in an out of each, encompassing the roles and evolving it into something much more. Blurring the lines between hiphop, jazz, blues, reggae and soul, this  genre-spanning artist uniquely creates a symbiosis of word and sound. Katalyst heartfelt musical soliloquies that will no doubt touch your soul.


The Katalyst 5 Project is the name I gave to the group of artists I worked with for this album. They are all artists from the Kalmunity Vibe Collective, but this is my own work and since my name is Katalyst 5 it seemed to work.
Your debut album – SOULILIQUIES – have been over 2 years in the making, and as an artist of the page as well as stage.

Congratulations. What can one expect from this upcoming release?

Souliloquies, for me, was an experiment in poetry, flows and song writing. Most of the tracks started as spoken word poems and were developed into musical pieces. The music is all live instrumentation and varies from soul to hiphop to jazz. I’m not really a pop artist; so my lyrics address topics that are important and relevant to real life. I wanted to make genuine quality music and poetry.

Apart from the completion of this album, were there any other personal milestones along the way?

Personal milestones, hmmm. I also work with and for the Kalmunity Vibe Collective and we have been doing so much work in the last 7 years. We have been spending the last 2 years really pushing to make Kalmunity more visible in Montreal, Canada and the rest of the world. We have released a live cd, played at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, promoted several events and much more.

Who have been some of your influences: both literary and musical, and why?In what ways have they shaped you?

I have been influenced by too many artists to really pin down one or even a few, but I enjoy artists that take whatever they do to the next level. No holds barred.

You have been an integral part of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective for years. Can you describe the ongoing relationship and how they have contributed to your debut album?

I’ve been working with Kalmunity for 7 years. I am one of the core vocalists in the collective and I also work as the project and promotions coordinator. Everyone on my album is in the collective and I’m also very close to those people; so there was a lot of love put into the writing and performing of all the music and poetry.

After much rest, relaxation, and recovery what is next for The Katalyst 5 Project?

I will be promoting my album for awhile before I get to rest, however I will be starting work with tap legend, Ethel Bruneau, to write down her amazing stories about her life as an artist, performer and teacher in the very near future.

Katalyst 5 Project: Souliloquies Album launch 04.21.10 @ La Sala Rossa 4848 St. Laurent blvd.
Feel the Kalmunity Vibe Tuesday Nights @ Le Consulat 1442 Bleury 2nd floor (8pm)
Sunday Nights @ Diése Onze 4115A St. Denis (9pm)

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