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Winter BLUES w/Critical Hype


Seems like Hip Hop is alive and kicking in 2010 judging from Jay Electronica‘s “Exhibit C,” which is the biggest “Real” Hip Hop song of the year thus far (the release date for Jay Electronica’s album with Super Producer, Just Blaze, is still TBA).  With a bunch of solid releases lined up for 2010, there’s way too much to talk about, so let’s take a second to go over the official/unofficial releases that I’m looking forward to the most in the month of February.

After hearing Freeway on a few Jake One productions over the last year, it’s obvious they had amazing chemistry. They have now joined forces to create a new album called “The Stimulus Package” which is dropping Febraury 16th.  Here’s the video for their first single, “Know What I Mean” .  Also, the packaging for the CD is insane and worth checking out.

Speaking of Freeway, I’m working on a mixtape with him that will be coming out in about a week entitled “The Art Of Freeway Blends“, which he hosted.  It’s Freeway vocals mixed over various instrumentals. That will be on all the major Hip Hop sites next week, so make sure to keep your eyes open for it.

Styles P Green Lantern Green Ghost Project

Make sure to also pick up that Green Ghost – (Green Lantern & Styles P) mixtape/album that just dropped February 2nd and is full of dope production.  Styles P never disappoints! This album is full of certified bangers! Cop that shit.

Mikkey Halsted

Mikkey Halsted’s new mixtape, “The Best you Never Heard,” is scheduled to drop February 11th. If you don’t know who Mikkey Halsted is, do yourself a favor and check out the song “Liquor Store.”

Johnny Polygonst

Up & comer Johnny Polygon is dropping his new joint “Rebel Without a Pause” February 14th. The first single off that is “That’s You.”  Y’all can check out the video below.

Till next time.  I’m out!

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