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Weezy is back!!! No he’s not out of jail, and with the latest rumor going around that he was sent to solitary confinement aka The Hole because he was caught with earphones and an MP3 charger, (good job!!!) the chances of him getting out early are most likely slim to none. But like I said the man is back, at least musically that is, with his latest album entitled “I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING”.

As you can expect with a Lil Wayne release and just about every hip-hop album these days, Drake who I like to call Mr. Collabo, is heavily featured on this album as he appears in a total of four tracks including the hit single “Right Above It.” All though I have no proof if this is going to happen, don’t be surprised if somewhere down the road Lil Wayne and Drake pull a Nas and Damian Marley with “Distant Relatives”, and release their own joint album. Could you imagine the sales? Like I said I have no evidence to back up my claim, but besides Jay-Z, these are arguably the two most popular artists in the game right now. Remember that you heard it here first!!!

Lyrically, Wayne is all over the place on this album. In the song “Bill Gates” he talks about sleeping with girls and killing people. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Mr. Microsoft does too much of either. The same thing is evident in the song “Hold Up” featuring New Orleans rapper T-Streets. At the end of his verse, he breaks out some rhymes that could have only come from the Cam’ron book of rhymes. “I ma east side damu/ deep water shamoo/ shoot you from your head to your shoulders shampoo/ Kush and the bamboo, pu$$y in the bedroom/ pass that b@tch down like an heirloom/.” Really? Throwing words together just because they rhyme is WEAK. That’s classic Cam’ron. Weezy used to be better than that. Now I’m not so sure…

Another negative about the album is the cover. If you are going to label your album I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING, why not come up with a album cover that is a little more creative than jeans, a t-shirt, a hat, and a jacket. If you look outside right, at least 95% of the people you see are wearing at least three out of the four.

Track wise, the best song on the album is “Popular”. The song is about Lil Wayne making a girl popular by sleeping with her. As arrogant and possibly as truthful as it is, this song delivers. The beat is solid, and has a catchy hook courtesy of Texas rapper Lil Twist, but more importantly, this is one of the few joints on the album where Weezy manages to stay lyrically focused for the majority of the song.

Beat-wise this is a decent album. The aforementioned songs “What’s Wrong With Them”, “That Ain’t Me”, and “Popular” along with “Bill Gates” are sure to not just keep your head bobbing, but will make you want to shake your butt in the club. Unfortunately for Weezy beats alone don’t make an album. The lyrics, overall direction, and name of the album fail miserably, which is why I am giving this album a 6 out of 10.

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