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Femme Vestige

Electro DJs extraordinaire DESIGNER DRUGS are at it again – this time remixing indie track Vestige by FEMME into a raging dancefloor banger. Released by Montreal’s very own SABOTEUR MUSIQUE (also the record label of DJ Champion and Omnikrom, amongst others), this track is a must on all predrink playlists. The heavy beats and catchy hook make you want to rave up on the rafters of… well, anything!

Saboteur Musique

To quote their MySpace, “Designer Drugs remix the title track and turn the soulful wonky electronica of FEMME inside out to smash up the furniture and turn this house into a party.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Peep the track here

Click here to buy

Check Saboteur Musique here

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