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What can I say? It’s the only time of the year where I relax and really enjoy the music I love so much. Yes, I can hear  it in Montreal or Toronto, but its not the same. Its an annoying process for me when I go out these days. I can’t stand seeing a bunch of  ignorant idiots drinking and spilling there drinks on me. No one says excuse me anymore, especially women who feel that because they are women they can get away with pushing men aside to get to their mark. I actually know girls who purposely push (hard) through a crowd and laugh at the fact they can get away with it. Maybe a good beat down is deserved. Give me a tight wig and I’ll do it.

Another point is that no one has a clue of what is playing. They go there to drink, get laid, and do some epilectic  shuffle. Maybe I’m undersexed? I don’t go out to get laid. If I did it wouldn’t be at a house party, it would most likely be at ‘Ye olde gay bar’.

I love the conference despite what most sour pusses say. I heard from a few people (some who never even went) that this was a bad conference. The numbers weren’t there, the prices too high, the waiting was too long,  they didn’t get a break, and some of the DJ’s were no shows. Awwwwwwwwwww!!! You poor things. Bitter bitches. Maybe your shit was weak and not inspiring or impressive, hence why you grabbed no ones attention and that made the conference dull for you.

Gone are the days of going to the conference to make a record deal. You find the prices high? Danny Krivit at a café for free? Louie Vega on the beach for free? I’m not talking guest list here.

You go to the conference for many reasons. Reasons are to forget the Monica’s and  Laurie’s at your local spot and  to meet up with your peers, your international musical family. If you don’t agree then you don’t understand. After 15 years of going to this conference I have made some dear friends in Atlanta, DC, Switzerland, France, UK, and Japan. They’re not my best friends nor family level but friends none the less. Enough so that if they visit Montreal I would open my home to them and show them around the city and vice versa. Enough to share points of views, new music, and contacts.

On that point alone, this conference was a great success. I met old friends and gained new ones.

Here are my Yays and Nays of 2010


YAY- Mom’s cooking in Fort Lauderdale
YAY- Dads crude sense of humour and willingness to drive me anywhere
YAY- To an old straight friend who went from being scared of gays  12 years ago to dancing next to a drag queen and a muscle man
YAY-The old black queen in front of Segafredo that not only danced his ass off  but felt the music
YAY-Black Coffee who tore it up South African style along with his cousins Cappuchino, Latte, and Machiatto…lol
YAY- Boddhi Satva with his new album gave me true tribal beats, all that was missing was a hut and a spear
YAY-double YAY to the TRIBE party…excellent, I’d say the WMC party of the year for me.
YAY-Gotsoul Crew for an excellent line up of Dj’s that kept the crown rocking till 11am!!! 6 hours later then planned!

YAY- to my girl Dejha in SouthBeach who always welcomes me with a hug and smile, always good to see you
YAY-and double YAY to my boy ZO ( ) who played 10-11pm, then 5-6am, but continued his set for the mere love of music till 11am, NO PAY…RESPECT!!! This erases all your past blunders, well some of them ;)

YAY- To Montreal local DJ’s such as Carlito and Godfather D, for  striking out and forcing attention
YAY- To Pat Boogie, who’s set I missed at the FunkBox, but regardless left the children gagging…show ‘em how its done Pat.

YAY- Rob Rizk, Vancouver’s magnate, for turning the turntables and dance floor out. Plus, introducing me to a new drink, the Dan Ankroyd, plus making us all laugh without embarrassing anyone. Word up Rob!
YAY-Tacos on 13th st
YAY-Café Bustello on Collins
YAY-the waiter at David’s Cuban Café (but reduce the salt please!)
YAY-Most of all to Red Bull who unknowingly sponsored us along with a Cuban coffee to go!

Shout out’s to Fred Everything, Jojo Flores, Ray Vasquez, Boddhi Satva, Black Coffee, DJ Ala, Lil’ Louie Vega, Zepherin, Tommy Bones, Kai&Megumi ( together or alone, made me smile and enjoy watching them mix), Danny Krivit, UltraNate, Ray Prasad, Greg Gauthier(respect), PayrollNYC and Danny Krivit( for making those Florida queens miss NY)


NAY-Andre Soul who advertised a party that never happened, the least you could do is send out an email
NAY-Peven Everett’s performance. OMG! I felt so sorry for him. How can anyone clap when we didn’t even know the song ended. It was basically him singing on tracks that had no beginning or end…just hard banging beats throughout

NAY-Basic NYC for placing one of there better known parties in the Chesterfield lobby???
NAY-Clevelander for trying to curb the guestlists on their own, they wouldn’t know UltraNate from Betty White

NAY-The S bus driver who gave me wrong instructions, then let me pay before saying he was wrong, resulting in me having to wait for another bus to pay again
NAY-The taxi drivers that weren’t putting the meter on and charging 20$ per trip
NAY-The taxi drivers that wouldn’t pick me up cause there were others of lighter complexion they preferred
NAY-The 2 British idiots that accosted the poor Puerto Rican cashiers at McDonalds. The Puerto Ricans stood their ground though, “ I DON‘T CARE YOU‘RE BRITISH, WE‘RE … BORIQUAS!!!”
NAY- The Shelter Party…nuff said…well one thing, when did Shelter’s become the Italian/Greek connection?
NAY-Hallex M and unknown dj from France, who set up a pretty decent line up, but doesn’t know how to deal with media or contacts.
NAY- To Circle dancers, yes we know you practised all year long taking up all the floor space at local clubs, can the conference be one place where everyone can dance instead of a few rolling around on the ground claiming they know HOUSE…

The main songs of the conference

1)Black Coffee-Superman

2)Peven Everett-burning hot

Old but still played

1) Black Coffee-turn me on

2) Peven Everett-simmer

3)Dennis Ferrer-Hey Hey


CHUCH-Peven Everett…ok, ok, I know its like 4 years old, but I can’t help it I STILL LOVE IT!!!

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  1. Great field report! It was nice seeing you there and yup, Zo KILLED it!

  2. Yeah Peven is not the same on stage without the band. Nice to see you in Miami, Toronto Mtl, one of those faces I run into anywhere.

    And yes I dance old skool !!

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