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Riva Starr


I’m really enjoying doing these blog entries for Having an alternative way of sharing this music I love so much makes me a pretty happy camper! This month we’re talking about someone who is very hot in the international dance music market: RIVA STARR.

Stefano Miele, aka Riva Starr is one of those modern house music producers that only DJs know by name, but trust me you’re heard him as his tracks are on every playlist in town. In less than one year Riva Starr has become one of the most talked about House artists thanks to a string of blinding releases including “Scratch’n'Itch” ep for the FatBoySlim imprint Southern Fried and with the ‘Bubble’ and ‘La Conga’ EP’s for Claude Vonstroke’s Dirtybird Label.

What’s quite remarkable though is how quickly Riva Starr has established himself so prominently on a DJ/producer circuit that’s notoriously difficult to break into. Like all good producers he’s earned his stripes and his current international status is down to two things, hard work and talent. With a love of reinventing any music that inspires him, Stef created the term “Snatch!” as a way of describing his bootleg remix style of snatching/pick pocketing other music styles for his own. Remixing the likes of The Gossip, Derrick Carter, KC Flight and Fatboy Slim and seeing his DJ bookings go through the roof. This month alone you can catch Riva Starr in Italy, Montenegro, Albania, Uk, Austria, The Nertherlands, Belgium and next month during a tour in Australia. For more details on his dates check out his myspace.

Like all the great names in dance music the Riva Starr sound is very distinctive, with fans as wide-ranging as Tiesto, Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos and Annie Mac, he manages to make high quality accessible house music that unites many different styles and DJ’s.

I’ve been following this guy for a while and I can say that his tracks really work. His folksy and quirky sound touches on people’s nostalgia yet feeds their hunger for new and innovative dance music.

I leave you with this amazing montage of of Riva Starr’ “I was drunk” with Blankan director Emir Kustukira’ masterpiece “Black Cat, White Cat” that has been seen almost 400,000 times on Youtube.


Upcoming B’UGO dates:

Apr 28 – H&M Flagship Instore w/ Dj Gregory (Toronto, Canada)
Apr 21 – THE KATALYST 5 PROJECT: SOULILOQUIES Record Launch at Sala Rosa – mtl
Apr 23 – FREEDOM @ Parking (resident) – mtl
Apr 09 – ANTICS @ Channel w/ This is Nidal – mtl
Apr 03 – BAZAAR (DL Jones’ bday) @ Velvet Speakeasy

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