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Ne-Yo’s Libra Scale

Ne-Yo is back with his fourth album titled Libra Scale. The album, which was released through Def-Jam Records, features four hit singles: “One in a Million,” “Beautiful Monster,” “Champagne Life,” and “Cause I Said So.” Libra Scale is uniquely different from your regular album in the sense that according to Ne-Yo, his influence for this project came from a short story that he himself wrote about love versus its long time nemeses money and power.

Ne-Yo gives you the tale of a man named Jerome who along with two other men are offered all the fame, money, power, and glory a person could ever want. Before accepting, they must agree to one condition – to never fall in love. As you can expect, one of them, Jerome, falls in love, and is placed in the unenviable position of having to choose between the woman he loves and everything he has ever dreamed of having.

One of the other main influences for the album is the king of pop himself, the late great Michael Jackson, whose style Ne-Yo pays tribute to on the track “Cause I Said So,” which if you listen to closely, beat-wise sounds a lot like MJ’s classic “Thriller.”

Speaking of beats, Libra Scale delivers a little something for everybody. Where songs like “Makin’ a Movie” and the aforementioned hit single “Champagne Life” deliver the typically strong and upbeat R&B sounds that we have come to expect from a Ne-Yo release, a track like “Beautiful Monster” offers listeners a techno beat to rock to while the sleeper song of the album, “Telekinesis,” gives fans a between-the-sheets slow jam.

Out of 10, I give the album an 8.5. The relevance of the story being told, the lyrics, and the use of an effective array of rhythm and beats show that this album really delivers on all fronts.

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