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B’UGO is BACK! But this time its not to have a trend discussion, but to share his love for underground electronique dance music. I’ve been DJing for 10 years and have started producing electronic dance music. For more info on my activities, check out my SITE.

This month, let’s discover an artist that is ALWAYS featured during my shows, no matter what the venue or event : MastikSoul. This Angolan refugee saves DJs’ asses all over the world every single weekend with his high energy productions that are garanteed to make the party people MOVE! With huge underground club hits, such as his Macaron Chacaron Remix & Jacobino, Mastiksoul has become a staple of high-end dj bookings on all continents.

MastikSoul started his career in 92, at a time in when his life was split between Portugal and France. He watched the rise of a new musical culture that, in association with his strong african roots, designed his talent in a unique form.

He has been connected with techno music for a while.  It was in this genre that he released his first twelve-inch and developed his dj and producing skills.  In the late 90´s, Mastiksoul wanted to embrace other styles. House music became his main inspiration and today, he shows that this choice was the right one.

Now, he is building a sound studio in London and making material two important projects; 4Kenzo Recordings and Digital Distribution with dj Token Pace.

He continues to work as a DJ and plays in important clubs, such as Rex (Paris), Ultimate Base (London), Gas (London), The Cross (London), and Locomia (Albufeira) among others.

His  style clearly reflects his origins, being very percussive and tribal.  His recent musical productions have been noticed and praised by some of the biggest names in house music, such as Tony Thomas, Tom Stephan, Grant Dell, Terry Francis, Layo, Circulation, Justin Drake from the Peace Division, and also by the Uk´s main dance press, including Mixmag, Jockey Slut, and Dj Magazine.

This month you can catch MastikSoul in Spain, Brazil, Chile, and Portugal. Check his myspace for details.

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