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Let the glorious rays of King Sunshine beat against your skin…

Garnering nationwide recognition by wowing crowds at Canada’s largest music festivals, including the Ottawa Blues Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, Toronto Harbourfront Festivals, Halifax Evolve Festival, and our very own Montreal Jazz Festival, the band known as KING SUNSHINE has illuminated many a dance floor with their discofunkalicious renditions and productions, and have shared stages with some of house music’s finest DJs, including Theo Parrish, DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Ron Trent and Little Louis Vega.

Imagine a crew of nine live musicians transformed and forged into the precision of a live DJ, where the instrumentation is pure and the music alive. Comprised of keyboards/synths, heart pounding drums/percussion, deep bass, slick guitar, intense electronics, hefty horns and soulful vocals, King Sunshine is nothing short of a fiery, skilled and electric live act.

1. You’re a band, a group and a family. As a musical act, what in your opinion what makes you unique? What sets apart from other acts?

King Sunshine is strongly influenced by the dance floor, the DJ, the club environment and countless other soul infused sounds. We are a band that thinks relative to a DJ – creating seamless sets of music that transition and flow with the dancer and collective energy always in mind. A band of nine musicians that understand this ideal is just by nature a different breed.

2. You all seem to have a very unique and interesting relationships with every city you hit (e.g. Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto). Can you tell us about them?

King Sunshine has always found it important to work with like minded promoters and clubs…sometimes working side by side to help design the evening or tour. Working on projects with people forms bonds and sharing music and vibes with different crowds seems to encourage new relationships. Every city seems to have a core group of promoters and party goers that do it for the music, we have been fortunate to meet and work with these people.  Going back to the same spots as well generates excitement on each visit… Every city truly is unique.

3. How would you describe your musical style?

King Sunshine is infused with many different sounds and a genuine appreciation for quality music. We are definitely rooted in Disco, Funk and House, Those three words are truly HUGE ! Within them there are worlds of rhythm and sound. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact style, mood or genre. I believe “music specifically designed for the dance floor” covers it.  The band is constantly evolving and working on new ways to keep our sets interesting.

4. Dead or alive -  Who would you love to perform alongside?

David Byrne, he’s a crafty soul.

5. What has been King Sunshine’s best OMFG moment?

OMFG moment? Shit I really dont know. Getting cut off mid set/mid song last year at the MTL Jazzfest due to an insane storm, felt like a hurricane was approaching. We just kept playing. It was intense.

6. Any up and coming projects?

We are gearing up to work on a third album.

7. What brings the sunshine into King Sunshine’s life?

Sounds corny, but playing live and working on music together. Oh yeah, and Dirty funk.

King Sunshine will be bringing rays of musical sunshine Friday May 28th at the La Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent, Montreal) and Saturday May 29th at the Black Sheep Inn (753 Riverside Drive, Wakefield QC).

For more information visit King Sunshine’s Myspace.

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