Posted Apr 28, 2010 in Music | 0 Comments Interwiew with Laurent Wolf had the chance to speak with acclaimed French DJ & music producer Laurent Wolf to find out where he has been, where he is going and everything in between. 2009 being such as strong year for Laurent with the opening of shows for her majesty Madonna, being selected by Beyonce as the official remixer of her track ‘If I Were A Boy’, by Moby for his song ‘One Time We Lived’ and also remixing Johnny Cash’s infamous ‘Walk the Line’; we couldn’t have been more ecstatic to pick his brain on music, fashion, and all that inspires him.

Where did it all begin, the love for music, the desire to produce records, the aspiration to spin at clubs?

It began when I was 12; I started to create music on a very basic keyboard music synthesizer. I really fell in love with Electronic/House sound. Few years later the Queen club on Champs-Elysées (Paris), asked me to do a weekly residence in the club. I always wanted to be a DJ, it was my goal to live doing my passion and I am very thankful to still do it 20 years later.

Which DJs or artists currently arouse your musical ear? If you could sit down and put on any track right now (besides any one of your own), what would it be?

Basically right now I am working on my new album so I try not to listen to Electronic music, to keep my ear “pure”. But in 2009 and still today, I am quite impressed by Wolfgang Gartner‘s talent.

With the commercial success of 2008 ‘Wash My World’ and all the accolades that followed suit – was that proof to you that all your hard work was paying off?

Success is tricky it does not change you but the way people see you. But my friends and family are the same for 20 years so it does not change anything on this side of my life. Professionally, I travel more, people are always very nice and I spend my time doing my passion. I worked hard for it but without my entourage’s help and support and my management’s teamwork, I would never be able to do it.

How does a kid from France fall in love with a country legend like Johnny Cash or was ‘Walk the Line’ inspired from something later on in life?

In France, Johnny Cash is only famous for the track WALK THE LINE. I knew his work for a long time, and he is a legend for me. When I saw the movie, I began to be more and more interested in his carrier and life. Later I was asked to remix his track, I did not hesitate 2 seconds and did it right away.

When are we going to get a new album from Laurent Wolf?

October 2010 (hopefully) :)

Before you put on a show, are you just throwing on jeans and a tee or are you spending time looking through your Kloset to find that perfect look.

To be honest, I am traveling a lot, so I pack up my favorite tee shirts and pants in my luggage. I am used to living in airports and hotels for many years now, so I know what to take and to wear to feel comfortable. So when it comes to preparing for a show it does not take me a long time.

Growing up only a few hours from one of the fashion capitals of the world, how has fashion and French fashion houses (such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Givenchy to name a few), influenced or inspired your music, if at all?

Well fashion did not inspire me directly to be honest. It is the melting of arts and culture that is involved in fashion that can be an inspiration. When you are in Paris, New York, London (etc.) lifestyle is completely different; people are open to new music, culture. It is a real motivation, so it helps you to try different things and discover a new universe.

Having been in the game for over 15 years now, are you satisfied with all you have accomplished, or is their still that desire to always achieve more?

Well I am thankful everyday to be able to live with my passion, to travel so much and meet new people all the time. As a human being I have still other goals and maybe in the future, if I can, I would love to make the music for a movie. I am sure it would be a great new experience.

We want to thanks Laurent for speaking with us and we leave you off with one of his biggest commercial hits to date NO STRESS… great words to live by!

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