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Since busting out on the scene a couple of years ago, Lady Gaga has revolutionized pop music culture. Her exaggerated theatrics and outlandish outfits, set against the backdrop of her chart-topping songs, have made her into an unbeatable force to reckon with. Now pair that, with super-fierce and ridiculously talented Beyonce, and you have got one hell of a jam. The video for Telephone, Lady Gaga’s 5th number one single in Canada and first collab with Mrs. Jay-Z, dropped last week, and the result is a nearly 10 minute movie that makes you wanna dance AND gives you the LOLZ. The fashion is nothing short of what we have come to expect of Gaga (the cigarette sunglasses! The studded underwear!), which basically means its borderline insane (and fabulous). The hair – well, Gaga has coke cans rolled in and B has got some 50’s inspired bangs. What did you expect?

The video starts off when Gaga is taken to jail (by two large and scantily-clad guards), where she remains until Beyonce bails her out. The two head out to a diner, where they poison all the patrons and then hit the highway. It is your modern day Bonnie and Clyde, with Beyonce and Gaga committing a murder and driving off into the sunset – in the Pussy Wagon.

Best quote of the video? “Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger”. Noted.
And pay attention to the 1:10 minute mark, where the video addresses the penis rumors surrounding our favorite bleach blond pop princess.



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