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Inword Music

Inword Purify

Montreal roots reggae group Inword is not your typical band. With lyrics that make you think and rhythms that make you happy, Inword’s first official album, Purify, is one of those albums that just radiates positive vibes.’s E spent some time talking to drummer Jah Sun about the band, its mission, and its new album.

E for yourKloset: How did you and the other band members come together to form Inword?

Jah Sun for Inword: Well, the band Inword has been together for 6 years, with Joey (keyboardist), Mark (singer) and two other members. Neil joined the band when they needed a bassist. I met them about 2 years ago through this community improv group Kalmunity. They would come to shows, we would all play, and it was just a perfect mix.

E4yK: Who inspires you guys when you write your songs?

JS: It’s more a question of “what” inspires us: inward meditation, honest expression and connection with yourself. Things that everyone can relate to in their quiet time. It’s what makes our music very personal and very universal at the same time.

E4yK: I listened to your album, Purify. Your music is very spiritual. Are you guys religious?

JS: Yeah we’re spiritual, but religious… not per se, not in the sense of an organized one. We do believe in the oneness of everything, and feel that, you know, we do all have a space here to shine. Individuality is beautiful, and individuality within the community is beautiful. Purify is Inword’s first official album, and its all about the realization of self and consciousness, peace and reflection, and that’s a very spiritual thing.


E4yK: What’s the reggae scene like in Montreal?

JS: Montreal has a lot of reggae lovers and a lot of reggae bands, but it’s not a unified scene. It really needs more people to come together and let the music shine. You know, there’s the House of Reggae here, on St. Denis, and that’s trying to keep the scene vibrant, but we still need more unity. That’s one of Inword’s missions, to keep the roots music going, to give that authentic feeling and inspiration of the forefathers, and create something universal for people to latch on to.

E4yK: When you’re not playing shows, where do you guys like to hang out?

JS: Haha, well I try to stay away from the clubs when I’m not performing, although that’s not very often. When I do go out, I like to check out live music, jazz, funk, afro beats…

Otherwise I’m just chillin’ at someone’s place, cooking some food.

E4yK: Any last words you want to say to our readers?

JS: Just pick up the album, it’s called Purify and it drops Saturday, November 28th, it’s a real representation of Montreal roots reggae. And come out to our launch party, at Club Lambi (4465 St. Laurent) that night!


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