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FUNKERMAN – House For All

When I was asked to review this CD for, part of me was kind of skeptical. House music? Don’t get me wrong, I love the genre, but I haven’t really gotten excited by a house CD in what seems like ages. Surprisingly, Funkerman’s House For All did just that. Featuring a wide variety of vocalists, including Ida Corr (singer/songwriter of smash hit Let Me Think About It, ft. Fedde Le Grand), Dutch rock band LEFT, Jay Colin, and Tara McDonald (who co-wrote Armand Van Helden’s My, My, MY), amongst others, this album just wasn’t your typical house CD.

Sure, there were definitely your traditional house tracks, with 2 minute intros and catchy hooks that make you want to throw your napkins in the air à la Time Supper Club, but there were also tracks, like “Unconditional Love” featuring Ida Corr, whose great voice is coupled with an up tempo beat that you totally could hear on the radio – and not just in MC Mario’s Mixdown.

Other CD faves were “Blaze it up,” featuring Shermanology and Jay Colin: a fun track with some rap and some dancehall influences that kind of reminded me of Busy P and Crookers’s To Protect and Entertain – only with house beats instead.  Totally the kind of song you could shake your butt to. The last track on the album, “Speed Up Once More,” that features LEFT, shows why Funkerman is a risk-taker, combining his DJ skills with a rock band (and a singer whose voice is amazing). I listened to this track on loop when I was driving.

Overall, House for All is a fun, upbeat record that will remind you that house music is alive and well – and evolving. Funkerman’s risk-taking approach and various musical influences have pushed the boundaries of house music, and will appeal not only to lovers of house music, but to lovers of music in general.

Funkerman’s debut album, House for All, dropped on May 10th, 2010 on Flamingo Records.

For more on Funkerman – check out the amazing interview we did with him a few months back.

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