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Fall 2010 Hip Hop Hype List

Dropping Aug. 24th on Fat Beats Records is Ill Bill & DJ Muggs’ collaborative effort entitled “Kill Devil Hills”. Ill Bill flew out to LA and they built this record together. Check out this video where Muggs speaks on how the record came together & the energy he & Ill Bill had in the studio.

“Kill Devil Hills” also features artists such as Raekwon, B-Real, Sean Price, O.C., Vinnie Paz & many more.  Muggs always has some heat up his sleeve in the beats department and Ill BIll is crazy with the rhymes. I’m really excited to hear this album when it drops. Guaranteed banger right here…..

Hip Hop producer Mr. Green (New Jersey) and myself, DJ Critical Hype, have come together to work on a mixtape entitled Mr. Green VS Wu-Tang. Scheduled to be released the last week of August, this mixtape will feature exclusively the beats of MR. Green blended with acapellas from the WU, all produced by yours truly.  Mr. Green is best known for his work with Pace Won on the critically acclaimed album “The Only Color That Matters is Green” which was released in 2008. Check out a video from that Album here

Speaking of Videos…… the New Kanye West “Power” video is really insane. I’m not sure if they are releasing a full version of the vid, but this is cool for now. Do yourself a favour and check this shit out!

This is Kanye’s first single from his new yet-to-be titled album dropping in November. He’s off the Auto Tune singing stuff and back to some good old rap, well there might be some singing shit on there too, but good to hear KanYe spitting bars again!

Keep tuning in to my Radio Show,  “The Art of Blends”, live online every Tuesday night between 1am-2am eastern time ( 103.7 FM Montreal ), where I play nothing but blends/remixes all hour long.

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