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Ciara Review

R&B artist Ciara who gave us hit tracks like “1, 2 Step”, “Get Up” and “Promise” is back with her fourth album entitled Basic Instinct released through Jive and LaFace Records. Basic Instinct appears to be somewhat of a comeback effort after her last album Fantasy Ride, could be best described as unfocused and uninspiring.

Ciara uses the album’s first track BASIC INSTINCT (U GOT ME) to hammer home the point as she admits to not taking care of business the last time out. She also takes a moment to go after her critics as well.

“See I was out buying CHANEL bags/while I was doing that you turned up your swag/U GOT ME/yep caught me slippin/but get your hustle on cause I ain’t trippin/U GOT ME/I been in the game since ‘03/ you can try but you still can’t do it like me/U GOT ME/ I hate it when they talk about me/ but I love it when they talk about me/U GOT ME/ I got a little too prissy/ I didn’t expect y’all bitc#@$ to try to get me/U GOT ME/but I’m a need that/ you can go and write your blogs I don’t need your feedback/”

What would a Ciara album be without a track from fellow ATL native Ludacris? The dynamic duo keeps the hits coming on the track RIDE. The idea behind the song is pretty self-explanatory, as Ciara and Luda spend the song talking about how well she rides…the beat. Hmmm…

The only other guest appearance on Basic Instinct belongs to Usher on the song TURN IT UP. As you can expect from this duo, the song leaves you wishing it was the week-end already so you could hit the dance floor and do your thing.

Basic Instinct which was predominantly produced by Tricky Stewart, Mark Pitts, and fellow R&B singer The-Dream, is a slow jams and pop lover’s delight. Songs like GIMMIE DAT, HEAVY ROTATION, GIRLS GET YOUR MONEY, YEAH I KNOW, and the aforementioned RIDE and TURN IT UP make you want to get up and dance.

On the flip side, tracks like SPEECHLESS, WANTS FOR DINNER, and YOU CAN GET IT display her love for slow-jams, and really compliment Ciara’s vocal skills. They will also make you want to get the party jumping with a special someone between the sheets.

All in all, Basic Instinct is Ciara’s best work since Goodies. While it doesn’t totally make fans forget about Fantasy Ride, it definitely shows that after nearly a decade in the game, when focused, Ciara definitely still has what it takes to wow the masses.

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