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Chill Songs for Summer Days

I don’t know about you guys, but with all the nice weather we’ve been having lately, I can’t help but look forward to the summer.  Thoughts of blinding sun, pool parties, and mountains of ice cream keep running through my head, but instead of indulging my severe addiction to Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz, I’ve opted for a healthier way to escape the summer heat this year: through chill music. If my mirror and my jeans collection don’t end up thanking me by the time September rolls around, at least my ears will!

Some of the chill-est tunes I’ve heard lately are from a London Indie band known as The xx.  They mix mellow and upbeat by pairing slick, soulful notes on the guitar and hauntingly ethereal vocals with a dance-y backbeat that won’t quit. Their self-entitled debut album came out in August of 2009 and by December, it had already received recognition from Rolling Stone Magazine as the 9th Best Album of 2009. Another recent claim to fame for the group is that their song “Intro” was used in AT&T’s Olympic commercial featuring American speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno. Not too shabby for a trio of 20 year olds.

Two of their tunes that I’ve had on constant repeat are “Crystalized” and “Islands,” both of which you can listen to on The xx’s Myspace page. (Watch out though!  They rival Ben and Jerry’s in terms of addictiveness!) If you’re in Montreal on April 3rd, you can catch the group playing at the Métropolis theatre.

Another song that will definitely be on the top of my playlist is Wolf Gang’s “Back to Back.”  Like The xx, he’s from London and his combination of bass, synthesizer, and vocals give me the shivers.  Who needs a fan when you have this song and a repeat button?

Check “Back to Back” out at Wolf Gang’s Myspace page:

Stay cool!

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