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BEHIND THE BEATS with Craig Pettigrew

Craig Pettigrew returns home to dish out a spicy taste of the upcoming BPM Playa del Carmen Electronic Music Festival.

1. How did your musical journey begin?

I started listening to house music when I was 15 in Montreal when I stumbled across a college radio station and was sucked in right away, but the dj-ing started when I moved to Toronto at 16 and got a gig at a local bar playing classic house and some hip hop when the bar owner would say I was playing music without vocals.

2. How did you first get involved with BPM Music Festival and how has the experience been? What makes BPM so special?

I have been with BPM since the very first year and have watched it blossom into one of the world’s top industry destinations. I think the timing of BPM, the location, and the talent that’s booked, really makes it different from what else is currently going in North America.

3. How do you balance family, friends and relationships, with the hectic career?

That’s the hardest part of doing what you love, but if the people around you really love you, they will accept that this is what you do and makes you happy, so if they understand that then things will work out for the best.

4. Montreal – renown for its nightlife flair – what in your opinion makes Montreal so special?

Growing up on the west island and being from Montreal really makes you appreciate how special it is when you’re in other places. I still find myself comparing other cities to Montreal and I’ve been all over the world and there are few places which compare to it. The vibe and the people of Montreal really make it amazing and the fact they love to dance and party.

5. You’ll be giving Montreal a taste of what BPM has to offer. What can people expect?

I’ve been living in NYC for 2 years now, so I think there’s definitely a NYC influence in what music I’m into, so I think BPM is a reflection of what I like and what’s been relevant to me and my music tastes. People should expect the best underground music available today and be open to hearing the underground hits of tomorrow.

Craig Pettigrew, joined by local phenoms Paskal N Vesselinov, serves it hot at the BPM Playa del Carmen pre-party at Montreal’s Club UN. 390 Notre Dame West – Saturday December 17th.

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