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BEHIND THE BEATS: All hail the King!!!!

1. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, how has your hometown shaped your musical journey of today?

Philadelphia has one of the richest musical heritages.  Everything from Jazz to ‘The Sound of Philadelphia’ influences you growing up.  The radio,  the live shows and my parents were the most important impressions as a kid.

2. With non-stop global tour dates how do the – in your experience – European and North American markets differ?

Actually,  every single place is different.  Each city has its own unique subculture and vibe for electronic music.  Like Philly is different from Miami is different from London etc.  It all depends on who has nurtured the city in terms of music and history; that then dictates the appreciation for certain genres.  Europe of course is more privy to electronic music, since their radio is dominated by it.  Where as in the USA,  hip hop and rock still dominate.  But now with blogs and satellite radio, the lines are starting to blur and a cross pollinization of scenes is occurring and the audience is more diverse in the USA.

3. You’ve also produced Canuck rock stars, Bedouin Soundclash, the album Light the Horizon being the fruit of that labor: What was that experience like working with some Canadian cousins?

First, I have always loved Canada.  I have worked with many people from here, like Ivana Santilli and Philosopher Kings and have always had good experiences.  Working with Bedouin was like a dream come true.  They are so on top of their game and we were both at a crossroads musically when we met.  I feel we helped each other grow as musicians and producing.  It was one of the best experiences of my career.  I also made very good friends along the way!

Also, it opened the door to working with more Canadian artists.  I just produced an amazing Toronto band called Mnisota and remixing Sam Roberts, a Montreal hero.  There is so much talent up here.

4. You’ve remixed numerous artists from a wide array of genres, out of those that you’ve met: Who surprised you?

Well, on the remix front, you never really get to meet the ones you are remixing.  It’s all through files.  But I have known Santigold for quite some time (she is from Philly). I did a remix of Anne for her and am always surprised at her reference points and influences.

5. Your latest production with partner Rucyl is the release of Yesterday’s Machine the debut album from Saturn Never Sleeps. How has the reception been?

The reception has been unbelievable.  The album has resonated with the young beat heads as well as the soul crowd and the experimental electronica crowd.  It was a beautiful labour of love…wait ‘til you hear the next one!!!

6. Though not your first time to our fair city, what special treats do you have in store for Montreal?

Well, we (Saturn Never Sleeps) are playing live first, so that in and of itself will be unbelievable.  – definitely going to try out some new things…Then I am dj-ing after.  I haven’t  dj-ed here since 1997 when I played at STEREO, so I am super stoked to be back.  I always have surprises in store!

Evenko and Club UN present music royalty as King Britt and Rucyl herald Saturn Never Sleeps – 390 Notre Dame W –  Thursday, November 10th.2011.

King Britt will also be playing The Mercury Lounge. Friday November, 11th . 56 byward Square, Ottawa, Ontario.

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