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The Wonders of Castile Soap!

Castile soap is so versatile that not only is it great for your skin (it makes it so soft and doesn’t dry it out, nor does it leave any sort of residue), but it also performs well as a surface cleaner for your kitchen and/or bathroom. I, myself use Dr. Bronner’s brand. Although a little expensive initially, it will last you for months because it is so concentrated, plus you can use it as a multipurpose cleaner when diluted with some water and mixed with baking soda. Dr. Bronner’s also comes in some amazing scents such as lavender and almond (I choose the latter) as well as unscented, so you can mix in your favourite essential oil to make your own. You can find Dr. Bronner’s particularly at health and wellness stores but also at Capers, Whole Foods and Choices and some pharmacies.

Check out them out online for more info!

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