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The Wall of the Living

There is a new trend in architecture that while pleasing to the eye helps to purify the polluted city air and also encourages our community of pollinating critters like bees and birds. They are called “green facades” or “living walls”. The first green walls are those that have networks of climbing plants such as ivy growing all along the outer exteriors of buildings. Now, walls are built with a system of steel boxes that are outfitted with your plants and flowers of choice. These are also feasible to have inside your home as well as the outside. Not only do these facades catch the eye but they can also save you money in the long-term. They actually work to cool down the overall temperature of the inside of the building, decreasing your energy use and your monthly electric bill. They also help purify rainwater, thanks to the good bacteria that can weed out many of the pollutants. In addition, they help promote urban gardening and can beautify cities that don’t provide much greenery to their residents. So if you’re thinking about building a new home or opening your own business, please consider this new and exciting innovation that not only attracts attention but also encourages sustainable practices.

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