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The Plight of Sharks

The intention of this week’s post is to bring your attention to a global issue that is in dire need of more attention. It is the mass slaughter of sharks that is occurring on a global scale. The reason? Sharks are thought by Asian cultures to be immune to many cancers and parasites, a claim that is scientifically false on all levels; and moreover, they are believed to, as if my magic, transfer virility and strength unto anyone who ingests parts of their bodies. This is usually done via the Chinese delicacy of Shark Fin Soup, a dish that is commonly served at weddings as a symbol of fortune and wealth. The way that sharks are butchered for this meal is thoroughly gruesome: the shark is pulled from the water (usually caught on illegal line fishing traps) and then is proceeded to have all of its fins sheared off and then thrown back into the ocean where because it cannot swim, drowns on the sea floor. The demand for these fins that can be sold for upwards of $500 per fin (!) have clandestine fishermen scouring the oceans for any and all sharks- the rarer the better. This massacre eliminates roughly ONE MILLION sharks per year, this is an obscene number and it needs to stop. Now. When you eliminate a top predator of an ecosystem you disrupt all other species. In this case, it’s plankton that is our deepest concern. Plankton supplies this planet with 50% of her oxygen. And when the sharks are not present to properly control the populations of all the other fish in the food chain, they eat all the plankton they can thus essentially ingesting a sizable portion of our supply. These beautiful creatures are on their way to extinction because of a mythical food craze. Please help make shark finning illegal and spread the word!

How YOU can help:

All it takes is taking a second of your time to write the UN a short, pithy letter and demanding their attention to this extremely important campaign.

Or, you can take an hour or so and watch the very informative documentary Sharkwater to find out more!

And of course, kindly refrain from partaking of Shark Fin Soup. Check out the below articles on more ways to help.

CNNVancouver SunSaving Sharks

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