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T’is the Season for Reducing Your Waste

This shopping season, when you’re taking advantage of all the awesome Boxing Day sales try and watch your disposable waste. I’m familiar with that rush you get when you feel like Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman, strutting your stuff with all those shopping bags, but that’s a whole lot of waste to serve such a short purpose. So this season, try and reduce by just using less. For instance, bring a nice clean (and roomy!) bag or purse next time you’re out and about; that way you can fit all your purchases inside without using any excess paper and plastic- plus it’s less to throw out later! Or, try just using only one bag and decline the rest. In addition, kindly refuse any of the wrapping they like to put around your clothes at the store. Again, it serves such a short purpose; if you’re bags are clean and you’re careful you don’t really need it. Happy shopping!

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