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Sustainable School Supplies

Sustainable living needs to start with our younger generations, so create a good example for them and help them live a zero-garbage lifestyle. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your children for school supplies, think sustainable, recycled, and organic! By doing so you and yours can produce less waste and prevent harmful chemicals and plastics from leeching into our soils and poisoning our waters. In addition, by choosing these alternative products you are also protecting your child’s health, since they possess fewer toxins than the usual suspects’ merchandise. So here are some tips for a sustainable school year!

For the Mess Hall
Instead of using plastic bags for sandwiches and paper ones to pack lunches, opt for reusable cloth lunch sacks and sandwich bags or even Tupperware. They can be washed with the rest of your laundry or in the dishwasher and help create a zero-waste policy for your household.

Try to avoid over-packaged snacks, instead spend some quality time with the family by baking some healthy snacks with fresh ingredients in lieu of those unhealthy sugar-packed munchies. has everything you need at very reasonable prices!

  • Use personal chopsticks instead of the disposable kind: Try a Dollar Store or Chinatown if there is one in your city
  • Buy compostable or wooden cutlery instead of the disposable plastic variety, they can be found at Choices or Whole Foods

For the Classroom

Think recycled! All paper products can be bought recycled, so why support companies busy extracting raw materials from the earth when we have plenty to work with already? So when buying notebooks, printer paper, and loose-leaf, try the more eco-friendly option.

Binders can also be bought recycled, whether they are made from plastic bottles or candy wrappers, at least they are no longer in our landfills! This also applies to pens and pencils; the former can be made of old newspapers and the latter reused or even biodegradable!

Here are some options:

  • Delight notebooks ($14 a set)
  • Re-Binders ($3.95 for 1)
  • Smencils ($10 for 10)
  • TreeSmart Pencils ($3 for 12)
  • PaperMate EarthWrite Pencils ($4.39 for 48)
  • Pilot BeGreen Pens
  • Biodegradable Pens ($1.95 for 1)
  • Try buying beeswax crayons and non-toxic, acid-free glue! Much safer for the kids
  • Cocconia Glue ($3 a bottle)
  • Stockmar Beeswax Crayons ($21.99 a set)
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