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Seal Your Windows and Save Money

Now that we are heading into the winter months (especially you folks out east!), it I time to turn on the heat. However, did you know that heat escapes through many different places from our home costing us energy and money? There are ways to cut down this heat loss, and in doing so we can shave our energy bills down by 25-40%. If you ever hear your widows rattling during a gust of wind or notice your curtains moving when the windows are shut, this is something worth looking into. For those of you on a budget an easy solution is to simply caulk your windows. Although a little tedious, it’s a cheap method (we’re talking a cost of $10-$15 at your local hardware store) that can produce worthwhile savings!

Click this link that explains this process much, much better than I can.

Please keep in mind though, the best way to save money and energy is not to use your heat at all. So try and turn off the heat when no one is home or when you go to bed at night and you can cut your bill in half!

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