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Saving Water Part 2: Shower Power

Hello fellow Green Berets!

So last time, I discussed how to cut back your water usage by replacing your older generation toilet with one that uses considerably less water OR you can build (or purchase) a toilet dam that does the same trick. This week it’s all about the shower! By swapping your showerhead for a more eco-conscious one you can save a whopping 70% more water; we’re talking using only 9-11 litres of water per minute as opposed to 18-27 litres per minute. In addition, not using as much heat can equal savings to your energy bill totaling a possible $100 per year. Now, if you associate these with low pressure then you are quite mistaken, there are plenty of products to meet all desired pressures.

Other exciting features are:

  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Non-aerating spray (it means that it is air tight, so heat loss is highly reduced)
  • Self-cleaning
  • Spray pause valve (to stop the flow while you are lathering up or shampooing)

Also, the quicker the shower the better so when you can try and be prompt; but of course once in a while indulge in a longer one, it’ll feel extra good! .Here are some models to consider.

And of course, links for more information:

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