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Saving Water Part 1: Water-Efficient Toilets

Take a moment and try to guess which appliance wastes the most water. Hint: it’s not your shower or your washing machine, and definitely not your dishwasher. If you guessed your toilet, then you are correct! Toilets make up approximately 30% of our daily water consumption. Each flush can use up an astounding 23 litres of water. And if your toilet continues to run afterward the amount is astronomically more (a possible 200,000 litres per year of our drinking water)! So please consider purchasing a more efficient toilet for your home! In fact, the city of Toronto there is actually a program where the government will give you up to a $75 rebate to replace your water-guzzler with a model that saves water instead of one that, well, flushes it away.  Newer models only use 7 litres per flush, which is 70% less water than older ones. Now, if you can’t afford to replace your toilet at the moment, you can buy a water-saving device called a toilet dam, which can be easily installed in the back of your toilet. These can save around 5 litres of water per flush – or you can make one yourself using a plastic bottle or bag.

For those with septic tanks, efficient toilets decrease the load on your drain field while increasing its life. And for those who have a surcharge on their utility bill for sewer water, you can actually cut that surcharge in half!

Here are some helpful websites on water-conserving products for your toilet:

  • Facts About Water-Usage in Toilets: 1 / 2 / 3
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