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Save Energy and Save Money

Look around your kitchen, your bathroom. How many appliances, gadgets, and doodads are plugged in that are not being used? Even though your razor, your toaster, or your espresso machine is turned off or not in the process of being used, it is still consuming energy – and costing you money at that. So unplug what is not being used, and what may seem like a small act can add up to shave money off your monthly electricity bill and save a lot of energy!

Another trick is to be wary of how you heat your home during the colder months. When you leave for work in the morning, turn off your heat. If no one is home to warm up, why should it be on? Also, turning off the heat when you go to bed (when you’re under the covers anyway) is a smart idea to save energy and money. Another trick is to insulate your windows with a caulking gun, getting rid of any leaks that let in cold air and lessen the warmth of your home.

With these two techniques, I was able to cut my utility build by half in the summer and by a third in the winter. It does pay to be green!

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