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Save Energy and Save Money: Part 2

Let There Be Less Light

A lot can be said for mood lighting or softer light. It sets the mood whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a lover in your boudoir, it hides any dust or dirt that you might have overlooked when you initially cleaned up, and it hides your wrinkles and gives so much more ambiance than bright, glaring lights. But not only does it create a more romantic and intimate atmosphere, it can also shave dollars off of your monthly utility bill. So during the late evening hours this summer, when the last remnants of the sun have faded, try turning on only a select few lamps, or light candles instead.

Or even swap your standard incandescent bulbs for Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs, the ones that look like a coil), which use up less energy. They cost a bit more initially, but they last so much longer (we’re talking years here!) than your regular light bulbs. A word to the wise though: If you buy a cheaper brand of CFL, beware the ballast (the circuit that controls the flow of electricity through the bulb) because it can emit a more damaging level of radiation, which can be harmful to you when you are nearby. Also, please look into recycling all of your light bulbs properly to prevent harmful chemicals infiltrating into our earth’s soil.

Get Ol’ Fashioned

This tip is easy and it helps your clothing last a lot longer. Air-dry your clothing instead of using your dryer. This is quite effective during the summer months because obviously, the weather is hotter and dryer, so it takes less time. But like I said before, the fabrics of your clothes won’t degrade as fast and will look just as new longer! While you’re at it, wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot, which helps preserve the colour and at a shorter setting. I’ve been using the delicate cycle for years now and haven’t had a problem. And it cuts my laundry time in half, so give it a whirl!

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