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Plant a City Garden

This spring try and plant some flowers, some fruits and/or veggies, or herbs. In the city sometimes this can be a little tricky, as apartments obviously don’t have backyards. But don’t let this deter you! Many cities offer communal gardens, which residents can rent out for a small monthly fee. In Vancouver, there is a really nice one located at the corner of Davie and Burrard. In some cities, community gardens aren’t offered so start asking your mayor to help create a program! If you aren’t in need of such a large space then look into buying a windowsill planter where you can cultivate your own flowers and herbs to cook with (some are even self-watering!). Also, try and obtain local flora if it suits your tastes.

Growing your own herbs and organic fruits and veggies is cheaper and makes you appreciate nature. In addition, increasing plant life in the city will help clean the air and beautify your neighborhood and/or building. Since not every apartment can afford to install a green (or living) wall, this is a small step towards making your building more sustainable, Flowers and food plants also lend a hand to pollinators, which are vital for agriculture to thrive. And please remember to avoid using pesticides.

Happy planting!

Links to helping you start your own Garden:

Vancouver Parks
The Green Arbor

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