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Pesticide-Free Gardens

Well, spring is just around the corner and people are starting to think about beautifying their lawns and gardens or growing their own veggies. Gardens are very eco-friendly; they encourage pollination, they absorb carbon dioxide and they get people outside and in nature. However, many people resort to using pesticides to get rid of certain weeds and insects, which is unfortunate because they can be very dangerous in the long-term: to ourselves, our children, our pets and other animals. Little do people know that for millennia we have used organic means to stave off undesirable parasites. It actually it is not that hard to do and using fewer pesticides can mean a healthier environment for our loved ones and a healthier garden. If you research the species of flora you want to plant (and with the internet this easy folks) and the nature of your backyard you can easily get creative and use alternative ways to make your garden grow.

Here are some helpful links!

For organic gardening tips:

HGTV Green
Canadians Against Pesticides

Pesticide – Free Solutions

David Suzuki PDF

For the harmful effects of pesticides:

Pesticide PDF

Green Foot Steps

Also, you might want to think about getting a bee house, given that you and your family don’t have any lethal allergies to bee stings. It encourages cross-pollination  and a lush garden!

Mason Bee Homes

Build A Bee House

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