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Nix Your Paper Trail

Do you hate getting flyers in the mail? Do you dread receiving your monthly bills in the mail? There’s a way to filter out most of this paper waste out of your mailbox.

Many companies, whether they offer a utility or a service, offer the option of online billing. Simply check out the company website and see if they provide it, or call and talk to a representative and get yourself enlisted. The only bills I receive via snail-mail are those from my bank, but even they are slowly changing to online billing (and with pressure from their clients this switch will only move faster). This process obviously reduces your (and their) paper consumption but it also reduces the amount of energy it takes to ship the bills all over the country.

Secondly, you can cut down the amount of junk mail (and paper) you get in the mail by going online or phoning and getting yourself removed from their mailing list. The more requests a company gets to nix the volume of paper waste they produce, the more innovative they will be with paperless marketing. There is a movement here in Canada to weed out junk mail and flyers from the mail called the Red Dot Campaign. By putting a red sticker in or on your mailbox, it tells your mail courier to not deliver unwanted junk mail and flyers to your door.

Here is the website, take a gander:

There are also several other ways to reduce your paper consumption:

● Try and use a cloth instead of paper towels
● Buy recycled paper products, whether it is toilet paper or a notebook
● Write notes you need to remind yourself online, a whiteboard or on scrap paper (like receipts!) instead of on a clean sheet of paper
● Print out your documents so that they’re double-sided; bug your professors or bosses to allow this – more and more of them are climbing on board!
● Companies, get a laminated sheets and a scanner for forms that need to filled out (I signed up for yoga the other day with this method – so innovative!)

I hope this proves useful and that you will soon explore your paperless options!

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