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Natural Cleaners


Have you ever thought of making your own household cleaners? Not only would it save you a lot of money but it is better for your health too! There is no need to set up a chemistry lab in your home either. The fact is that we do not know the long-term effects of these chemical cleaners and how can anyone think that breathing in the fumes that emanate from these liquids can be good for you? -Especially for our pets and children. The results of chemical cleaners are under a lot of scrutiny of late and are seriously suspected of causing cancer and even infertility amongst women. Moreover, a study was done in two hospitals in England where bleach was used in one and a vinegar-based solution in the other. The results: the vinegar solution was just as successful as bleach to get rid of bacteria. Vinegar has such a high concentration of alcohol that it is capable of killing the toughest of bacteria, it’s what our grandparents used and they did not die off in huge numbers because their cleaning methods were not effective. When did the old ways not become good enough. In addition, buying soaps labeled “anti-bacterial” are not good for you either. There is such a thing as good bacteria, which these soaps kill off as well and even some of the “bad” bacteria that help to boost your immune system. Also beware of soaps that claim to be “green” since they still contain a whole slew of chemicals and synthetic fragrances. So here are some tips to filter out those harmful chemicals out of your household!

  • Make your own all-purpose cleaner: simply mix white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda with water in a spray bottle. It’s edible so you know that I cannot be harmful so clean away. Also, using one spray bottle will reduce your waste.
  • For laundry detergent use Borax, a natural mineral that gets clothes just as clean as any other detergent. There is no scent so if you prefer your clothes smelling like a scent simply buy the essential oil of your choice and put a few drops in during the first cycle.
  • To wash your dishes pick up some Dr. Bonner’s castile soap. This stuff is very concentrated so feel free to water it down, which will also make it last longer.
  • And lastly, cleaning windows and mirrors can be a bit of a chore so two steps are required for natural cleaners. You’ll want to wet the glass with water and wipe it off with some newspaper. Then use a vinegar and water solution and wipe off with a cloth or some recycled paper towels.
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