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My Appliance Adventure

A few weeks ago my washer decided to suffer a terminal injury. It was one of those issues that, while fixable it was more cost-efficient to just the bite the bullet and spring for a new machine altogether. However I wanted to do this in somewhat of a sustainable way. Firstly, I bought my “new” washer from a liquidation place (Dragon Appliances on the northeast corner of Pender and Carrall for all you British Columbians). It was originally a floor model and it cost $500, taxes included after haggling, well after my friend haggled I should say for I am –terrible- at it, so I saved at least $300.

Then, not wanting to just throw away an essentially perfectly working machine I decided to “donate” it to an appliance recycling company (B-Line Appliance Recycling Ltd. in East Vancouver). If you have the means you can drop off your broken appliance free of charge, otherwise it is a $65 to pick it up curbside and $85 from your home (plus taxes!).

Now my washing machine, instead of going to the landfill, will find another happy home in the near future. When appliances are crushed to make way for new garbage, they release harmful chemicals into the soil and air, so please consider disposing of yours responsibly. You can easily find similar recycling companies in your city, as well as liquidation stores making this a pretty easy task and one that can save you hundreds of dollars. Yay for recycling!

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