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Make it a Green Christmas!

Ever finish unwrapping all your gifts Christmas morning and find yourself either knee-deep in wrapping paper, made from virgin paper, or with multiple trash bags full of ribbons, bows and the like? That’s quite a large amount of waste for such a short-lived purpose. Thousands upon thousands of tons of garbage are disposed on the 26th in our garbage dumps, when we could decrease this by an immense amount by getting just a little creative. Because, don’t get me wrong, I love the thrill of opening up presents that are behind hidden surfaces- trying to guess and then ripping them open! But this holiday, I urge to try and find viable alternatives such as these:

1. Use Newspaper!

-it might be a little unsightly however, it’s cheap (we are in a recession) and you get the same desired effect plus it can be recycled afterward. Sadly, many wrapping papers varieties cannot be recycled.

2.  Gift Boxes!

-These can be reused, easily, and people like to reuse them- especially if you buy cute ones.

-You can also get creative and find cheap, cute wicker/bamboo baskets or paper baskets in your local Chinatown or dollar store. There’s all sorts of hidden treasures if you keep your eye out.

-Look around the house. Do you have any wine/scotch tins or cigar boxes that could be dressed up with a bow?

3.  Cloth!

-You can yards of the cheap cloth of your choice at your local fabric store, which can easily be reused.

-Look in your closet and drawers, do you have any scarves or handkerchiefs that you are looking to get rid of? What about old bedding, towels, cloth napkins and linens that can be cut up and used to wrap your gifts? With the right ribbon this can look quite elegant and still fool your loved ones.

4. Old Paper Products!

-This can consist of running to your local Costco and scouring for cardboard boxes or old posters, your children’s artwork (that gets rid of the less memorable works and also commemorates it at the same time without hurting anyone’s feelings!), magazine/catalogue/comic book pages- even old Xmas cards!; using household items will allow you to spend your precious money elsewhere!

5. Recycled/Eco-Friendly Products

-If you’re just too busy this season to comb your household for reusable then go recycled! For bows, opt for twine, wool, or threaded cord instead!

Make the gift of green to your friends and family this season and try to use less paper! And please feel free to send me your own tips or ideas on how you kept your share out of our garbage dumps. Happy Holidays!

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