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Kick Your Plastic Bag Habit with ChicoBag!

This California-based company and Green America affiliate started out of an aversion for plastic bags; a passion that I share. The very first reusable bag I bought was from them and I still have it (after 2 years!); I also bought some for my roommates so I could stop harassing them to quit using plastic bags. Their line of products has now expanded to offer not only reusable and portable grocery and produce bags, but also daypacks and duffel bags! All of them scrunch into an attached pouch for so you can either clip them onto your belt or knapsack or stuff them into your pocket/purse/briefcase, etc. Their new rePETe™ line is made of recycled materials and they also follow a zero-waste program to try and lessen their impact to the environment; just to put this into perspective, the average American household contributes 130 lbs of garbage to landfills and ChicoBag only produces 30. Another notable mention is that they contribute their old and damaged products to the Grateful Thread, which takes these donations and doles them out to low-income families wanting to recycle them for their own purposes or products

Here are some of my favourite products:

From left to right; ChicoBag Original: Recycled Heart Edition, Daypack, Produce Stand

Produce Stand

Reusable produce bags for preserving the freshness of your fruits and vegetables. Each bag is specially designed for certain fruits so they won’t go bad!


This was created because of the outcry from women for a reusable grocery bag they didn’t have to carry by hand all day! Problem solved. And it even has a sternum strap!

The ChicoBag Original: Recycled Heart Edition

My first reusable bag that helped me kick that awful plastic bag habit. Because it scrunches up and fits into the tiniest of pockets it was easier than I thought. Sigh, oh the memories.

Thank you ChicoBag, you are truly inspiring!

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