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Eco Cups

Following the post a few months ago, I am not a PAPER cup… by Lys, I felt like sharing my own passion for reusable cups. This post is more for me than it is for y’all. Last year I was boasting how I had used under 5 disposable coffee cups for the entire year- 2010/11 has been just pitiful. I’m in my first year of grad school, which is very stressful and constantly leaves me in a daze; needless to say I keep forgetting my reusable mug at school. But during my favorite pastime of procrastinating from work my eye caught this adorable reusable coffee mug! The Eco Cup, which is identical, save for the silicone band that protects your fingers from being scorched- but just as chic. Now I can enjoy my London Fog in style and sustainably!

Starbucks doles out anywhere between 2 to 50 BILLION coffee cups to customers per year that go straight to the garbage dump after one use. And this is only one company. While some chains try and incorporate recycled materials the reality is that they are using a minimal percentage and the majority of the materials comes from virgin trees that are bleached in the process; which is why I strongly urge you to pick up one of these (or the model of your choice) to enjoy your morning libations.

Also, check out the other varieties of Eco Cup that come in all sorts of patterns and colours and even an “over ice” version for your iced lattes!

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