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Work pretty much consumes my life at the moment, as Selfies prepares to open the largest women’s shoe department in the world in the next few weeks. I’ve literally been dreaming shoes… And there are some very pleasant (and environmentally conscious) dreams to be had.

For those of you still clinging to summer, Ipanema flip-flops follow a strong environmentally friendly ethos in their product selection and manufacturing. Made from 100% synthetic materials, the flip-flops are suitable for vegan feetsies, and 99% of waste generated during production is recycled. Oh, and they are endorsed by the leggy Gisele Bundchen.

Stella McCartney’s Leprechaun boots are winter beauties. With a faux-suede exterior and a plush acrylic lining, these vegan UGG lookalikes will keep your feet toasty warm this winter.

And finally, the pièce de résistance of eco-footwear… And one that may surprise even the biggest shoe addicts out there. The forever adored, red-soled beauty (I am, of course, referring to the ever-iconic Louboutin) has jumped—or sashayed—onto the eco-friendly train.  The sought after designer is known for loving cork, which is an environmentally friendly material and renewable resource. Produced from the bark of a cork tree, cork has a gentle harvest cycle of every nine years. Louboutin’s red cork slingbacks or full on cork slingbacks are to lust after, fulfilling the three Ss: Stylish, sexy and sustainable.

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