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Eating Seafood Sustainably

Our oceans are in dire need of help. Fish stocks are in fast decline and because of our bad habits their habitats are becoming more polluted by the day. So in this episode my message is simple: Watch what you eat. Educate yourself so that you are not eating a species that is critically endangered  and that your supplier, whether it be a supermarket or fishmonger, gets their stock from a fishery that hunts sustainably. Here are some links where you can see the state of our oceans for yourself. Our oceans are our lifeblood. They provide us with sustenance, a way of life, and entertainment, and we are ruining them with plastic and oil, ridding them of their top predators, and upsetting their natural order. Please take some time to check out the following links, some of which are guides to choosing appropriate and sustainable seafood both at home and in restaurants. See for yourself:

Shark Water
The Cove
TED – Brian Skerry
TED – Eneric Sala
Sea Choice
WWF – Sustainable Seafood
Monterey Bay Aquarium

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