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Earth Day!

With Earth Day upon us, it is one of those holidays like Valentine’s Day where we set aside only one day for celebrating the love of our significant other when we should be practicing this thought for the entire year. Still, it is good to set aside one day where environmental awareness is brought to the forefront of our minds. So on behalf of the Wilson ice shelf, and the Peruvian glacier that just broke apart causing a tsunami in a mountain like here are tips to live green all throughout the year. Keep in mind that big sacrifices need not be made. Little adjustments to your lifestyle can add up and can equal a lot of progress- especially when done on a large scale.


● Grow your own vegetables and fruits
● Do not use pesticides, find organic ways to weed out the plants and pests that you do not want
● Get a bee house to promote pollination and a healthy garden
● Composting reduces a big chunk of your waste and produces your own fertilizer


● Stop using plastic bags, bring your own reusable bags instead
● Buy recycled paper and metal products
● Watch out for over-packaged products
● Buy cosmetic and hair products that have not been tested on animals look for the Leaping Bunny logo
● Buy organic produce and hormone-free, free-range meat
● Bring your own containers when eating take-out
● Bring your own coffee mug with you
● When you go out get some exercise by walking
● Try not to idle your car between stops

The Home

●Use energy efficient lighting, while it can be more expensive it will last a whole lot longer
● Clean with a vinegar and water solution instead of chemical cleaners
● Try and use a cloth instead of paper towels
● Turn the heat off at night and when you are out of the house -the lights too! This helps you save money too
● Watch your water consumption
● Use Borax as a laundry detergent and castile soap for washing the dishes
● Air dry your laundry, it is better for your clothes anyway

Get Political

● Support a cause and be vocal about it
● Try and get your friends on board (in a non-preachy way)
● Ask store managers why they do not have a certain product for sale or why they do not have biodegradable bags in stock
● If you are so inclined, write a letter to a company you are displeased with about a certain policy
● Sign petitions
● Donate to a worthy cause, but make sure to research where your money is going. Just because it sounds good does not make it so

All these tips help out a lot; I hope it helps. You can also join David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge; they have even more great tips for living a greener lifestyle
Here is a great website for even more useful tips and information:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

And please let us know what you and your family do to live a sustainable lifestyle!

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