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A Green Move

Having just moved, I tried to produce as little waste as possible and I think I was pretty successful at achieving close to zero waste. This episode I am going to share my tips with you in the hope that you will make your next move a sustainable one.

● Try and use reusable bags as much as possible  (sold at approx. $1 each at various supermarkets). I used them to pack books and all my cosmetics and toiletries.

● For clothes, fold them into your laundry hamper. I managed to get nearly all my wardrobe into one. And then I just put them right back into the dresser from which they came.

● For boxes, try not to use tape.

● To protect my dishes and glassware, I wrapped each item with the leftover clothing that didn’t fit into my basket. Not one item broke and no newspaper ink all over them!

●  Laundry baskets also come in handy for moving pots and pans.

● Stuff your purses and knapsacks with as much stuff as possible.
I bought a huge Rubbermaid container (approx. $20) and used that for bigger items and dresses, which also will come in handy for storage later on.

● I didn’t use one single piece of Styrofoam.

● Recycle any household appliances, batteries, oils/paints, metals and plastics properly. This can be researched online and only involves a few stops at a few retail chains like Mountain Equipment Co-op and London Drugs, which you’ll probably be stopping at anyway to pick up the household materials you don’t have at your new place.

I hope these tips help you for your next move!

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