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The Newest Foodie Movement: Dishcrawl

A couple months back I had the opportunity to participate in one of Montreal’s fastest growing social movements; the Dishcrawl. Basically, a Dishcrawl is similar to a pub-crawl, but rather than having an alcohol hangover you may enter  into a food coma.

A participant will pay $50 to join 40 to 50 fellow foodies along a tasty journey. The crawlers begin at the first of three (or four) restaurants where they enjoy an appetizer, then get up and go to the next stop for an entrée then to another stop for dessert. Each Dishcrawl is different; some are themed, while some are hand-selected hotspots by the dischcrawl leader.  I had the opportunity of going on FoodGuyMTL/fellow YK contributor Dustin Gilman’s Old Montreal dishcrawl.  We started off at the only disclosed location DNA (via the secret e-mail we received two days prior) where we had an Elk tartar. The second stop was at newly opened Osteria Venti for a Chacuterie plate and melt in your mouth gnocchi and then, we finished off the night at Brit & Chips for their deep fried whatever. All in all, it was a great night, not only for the delicious plates but for the super cool foodies we met.  As founder/San Francisco resident Tracy Lee states “Our goal is to bring together people via food. The first step is to help the people find the great food and encourage sharing that experience with others”. As of now, Dishcrawl operates in 16 cities in the US and three cities here in Canada (Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa).

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