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Simplicity – Funghi alla Trasteverina

Simplicity, simple isn’t it? In our daily lives we hunt, crave and seek out new and innovative ways to simplify our lives. Can it be that our quest for constant simplification has indeed complicated our lives? Perhaps we’ve forgotten how to be simple? How to live without and still enjoy as if we had; I am not by any means suggesting a life of asceticism, whereby we throw off the shackles of this app filled world for a simpler brighter life that will lead us on the path of enlightenment.

I’m simply presenting the notion that maybe we should reevaluate our definition of simplicity in our daily lives; and I would like to present this reevaluation through the eyes of a chef, an Italian chef, me. Why is it that Italian cuisine has survived the culinary Trend world? Why is it that when presenting a plate of simply prepared funghi alla trasteverina (mushrooms in the style of Trastevere); am I faced with the same reaction as masterfully prepared chaud froid?

I would like to claim that it is because I am truly an amazing chef who has mastered the culinary arts to such an extent whereby any dish that passes through my kitchen is ephemeral and capable of evoking such sentiment equal to that of a great orgasm; as true as that may be, I do not believe in that answer whole heartedly.

I sincerely believe that simplicity is the only answer to this question. The secret to pure Italian cuisine; simply put is simplicity, In an Italian kitchen, the best ingredients are sought out, the slightest manipulations are performed in order to maintain their maximum flavor and integrity, and finally with a drop of finishing oil they presented and enjoyed by all at the table.

Let’s examine the elements of these funghi alla trasteverina (please see recipe below); there are Mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, garlic and vinegar; olive to cook with and that’s it; four elements make up this dish, pure, simple and delicious. As we embark upon the exploration of Italian roman Cuisine, I invite you to re-examine what simplicity really means to you; who knows, you might just uncover what la Dolce Vita is really all about.

Funghi Alla Trasteverina


500 g di funghi porcini (o champignon) 500 g of mushrooms (or mushrooms)
1 dl di olio extravergine d’oliva 1 dl olive oil
1 spicchio d’aglio 1 clove garlic
1 cipolla piccola 1 small onion
3 cucchiai di aceto di vino bianco 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar
300 g di pomodori maturi 300 g ripe tomatoes
1 costa di sedano 1 rib of celery
1 ciuffo di prezzemolo 1 bunch of parsley
2 rametti di timo 2 sprigs of thyme
sale e pepe Salt and pepper
vini consigliati Recommended wines
Castelli Romani Bianco Castelli Romani Bianco
Vermentino di Sardegna (bianco) Vermentino di Sardegna (white)

Mondate con cura i funghi eliminando i gambi, quindi, senza lavarle, raschiate le cappelle con un coltellino e strofinatele delicatamente con un canovaccio pulito imbevuto d’acqua per eliminare ogni residuo terroso; infine fatele rosolare per circa 10 minuti, intere, in un tegame con meta dell’olio ben caldo. Peel the mushrooms carefully removing the stems, then, without washing them, scrape the chapels and rub gently with a boxcutter with a clean cloth dampened with water to remove any remaining earthy and finally let them brown for about 10 minutes, whole, in a pan with half the oil is hot.

Nel frattempo mettete a scaldare il resto dell’olio in una padella antiaderente e soffriggetevi un fine trito d’aglio e cipolla; dopo 5-6 minuti, quando il soffritto si sara imbiondito, innaffiate con l’aceto e lasciate sfumare. Meanwhile, heat the remaining oil to put in a frying pan and an end soffriggetevi chopped garlic and onion 5-6 minutes, when it will be fried golden, washed down with vinegar and let it evaporate. Quando l’aceto sara quasi totalmente evaporato, aggiungete i pomodori spellati, privati dei semi e tagliati a dadini; condite con una presa di sale e una macinata di pepe e unite gli odori (sedano, prezzemolo e timo) ben lavati e legati a mazzetto, quindi portate a cottura When the vinegar has almost completely evaporated, add the tomatoes, peeled, seeded and diced, seasoned with a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper and add the herbs (celery, parsley and thyme), well washed and tied in bundles then brought to the kitchen

a fuoco medio-basso per circa 20 minuti. low-medium heat for about 20 minutes.

A questo punto unite in padella le cappelle di porcini e fatele insaporire nel sughetto per 5-6 minuti, irrorando con poca acqua calda se fosse necessario, in modo tale da mantenere sempre un fondo di cottura leggermente fluido. At this point add in the pan and let the chapels of porky flavor in the sauce for 5-6 minutes, sprinkling with a little hot water if necessary, in order to keep the cooking liquid a little fluid.

A cottura ultimata eliminate il mazzetto aromatico, lasciate intiepidire e servite i funghi ben irrorati con il loro saporito sughetto e insaporiti con foglie di timo. When cooked, remove the bouquet garni, allow to cool and serve the mushrooms well sprayed with their tasty sauce and flavored with thyme leaves.

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