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Restaurant Jane

There’s nothing like a good, rustic pizza made from a wood-burning oven. The crispy crust, bubbling cheese, and, of course, that crisp, fresh taste of the oven. One place that’s still hopping is Restaurant Jane. Located in the always up and coming St-Henri area, restaurant Jane is clearly a gem. With it’s warm wooden décor, friendly staff, and great grub, it’s no wonder this place is still a favorite. They’re known for their pizza, but don’t overlook their appetizers as well. The meatballs are juicy, fork-tender, and they don’t skimp on the sauce. As a special that night, I indulged on the ridiculously good lobster general tao. Generously sauced in a spicy and sweet sauce, the lobster was fried to moist perfection.

After a nice start to the meal, I was very excited to dive into their pizzas. The margherita pizza is made with tomato sauce, cheese, and a drizzle of basil pesto. Classically delicious. The next one can only be described as pure Montreal on a pizza. The Schwartza is a Schwartz’s pizza. How could I resist? Instead of tomato sauce, it’s made with a creamy mustard cheese sauce. Then it’s topped with smoked meat and paper-thin slices of pickles to give it a nice contrast to the rich sauce. After all, how can you eat Schwartz’s without getting a pickle? There wasn’t one morsel of the Schwartza left on the plate.

Jane is a great little neighborhood fun place with big flavors. They aren’t afraid to take some chances on classic food and put their own spin on things, which is more than welcome. Jane is an instant hit where I know I’ll be coming back for more.

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