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Late Night Meal Deal

Beyond my passion for fashion, if there is one other thing I am known for it has to be food.  I am always current on new restaurant openings or more importantly know what to order. I knew how make rice at the age of 10, Veal Scaloppini at 12 and seared tuna skewers at 23.  There is nothing I enjoy more than a good meal, except maybe a cheap good meal.

Don’t you hate going for dinner on a Saturday night and you order a small salad, an entrée and a drink for 40 dollars plus tax + tip. Granted on a student budget or unemployed your options are kind of limited to the value menu at fast food joints, or your meal plan card. However this weekend after hearing from a friend about an amazing three-course meal for $20.00 there was no way I could pass it up.

Many four star (and four dollar sign) restaurants are now offering set menus for customers who come after 10 pm Monday thru Saturday. You can call it a recession buster or just a ploy to attract a younger clientele, whichever it works for me. The only thing you really need to do is curb your appetite and plan a later lunch or 5 pm snack.

I went to Montreal famed Milos restaurant and for  $20.10 cents I got a choice of three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts. We didn’t get skimpy reduced portions; I actually felt full afterwards and had an amazing meal.  The final plus is that it is now 11:45 and you can hit the clubs, no pre-drink.

Check your favorite restaurants in your area and see if they offer this deal (or suggest it to them if they don’t… you’d be surprised). In Montreal, other restaurants that offer this deal are Lemeac on Laurier for 22 dollars and Kaizan on Ste. Catherine. Please share if you know of any other hot spots in your area.  Words of wisdom: make a reservation!

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  1. E
    Erica Lawee says:

    There’s also this restaurant on the corner of Sherbrooke and Guy called Fino Gourmand, which has a late night menu for $23 (after 930) – and includes a drink.
    bon appetit!

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