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Avesta Resto Café: A Turkish Delight

Nothing beats a cheap eat, and in Montreal, my number one recommendation for a gastronomic extravaganza on a budget is Avesta Resto Café located at 2077 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Here, you can eat a filling and scrump-didily-umptious meal for about $10. Constantly stationed in the window is the best advertisement for a restaurant that I’ve seen in a while, a woman hard at work making and baking the fresh lavash bread that will soon be a happy resident of your tummy. If this thought doesn’t succeed in drawing you into the resto, the delicious smells wafting through the door and the eatery’s welcoming décor will. Patterned tablecloths, comfy booths with huggable pillows, and long tapestries that cover the walls give the place a warm and “homey” feel, even if Turkey could be as far away from home as you could ever get.

Everything on the menu sounds delicious, but I unfailingly go for the Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which is actually a saucy chicken wrap made with the freshly baked lavash bread. Major yum. I also love the dressing that comes with the accompanying salad, but haven’t had enough guts to ever ask what it’s made of. Though I may be entirely wrong, I’ve convinced myself that they won’t tell me. Dressing this good has to be something they want to keep under wraps. If my brother joins me for my Avesta feast (i.e. I have a man with a hollow leg seated squarely across from me), we’ll also order the Spicy Potato Gozleme. Two pieces of lavash bread with spiced potato goodness mashed in between and cut into pizza-esque slices, who could say “no” to that? Though I have a characteristically tiny tummy, I’ll always reach for at least one slice to “help” my brother out. And if it’s a cold day, I won’t pass up the chance to have a glass of sweet Turkish tea and a piece honey laden baklava. The bottom line? Avesta is a true Turkish delight!

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