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DAVIDs TEA – A New Kind of Tea Time

Some people choose to have summer flings, but these past few months I’ve fallen in love with DAVIDsTEA.

Founded in 2008, this sweet tea shop can be found all across Canada and provides some of the most delicious (and fun) teas I’ve ever found.

They offer a huge assortment – including white, green, oolong, black, pu’erh, maté, rooibos, and herbal teas – and all products are beautifully displayed in cans on the wall, colour-coded for your convenience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, offering free samples of their favourite teas every day.

My favourite by far is Midsummer Night’s Dream, a delicious decaf blend of sweet apples, cool spearmint, tart gooseberries, orange oil, and petals of marigold and rose. It’s amazing either hot or iced, and is a must-try for all citrus lovers.

I definitely recommend the in-store experience (find the one nearest you here), but DAVIDsTEA products are also available online.


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  1. Black is nice.Thanks for posting :)

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